Ketchup.Games Anarchy
Owner KetchupAnarchy
Status online
Discord Discord Server
Players 0/12
Version 1.16
Rank 35
Votes 38
Uptime 78.9%
Last Check 37 second(s) ago
Country United Kingdom
Types AnarchyPvPPvEVanilla

Ketchup Anarchy is a PVP survival Minecraft sever open to all. It has no rules so griefers, robbers and spammers are welcome to do their worst. Honest players looking for a challenge are recommended to bury their bases deep, and their valuables even deeper.

No OPs or moderators means that players will not be silenced or banned. Additionally I am dead against abuse of administrator privileges such as the spawning of items in the game. Don't bother asking for resources, you won't get them. Don't bother asking for a TP, it won't happen. Don't bother asking for OP status, I will never consider it. Players are welcome to use hacked clients to cheat, but will not be assisted in doing so, therefore flying is also disabled, though you can push it as far as the vanilla server will allow you to if you so wish.

Being Vanilla means the server delivers the true survival experience. There are no commands to help you move around, no controls to stop creepers blowing up in your face, and no pay-to-win donation features to complicate gameplay.

We feature a leader board on our web page. The leader board is based off player XP and is intended to give players something to compete over if they wish. The leader board is updated every 6 hours, at 0300, 0900, 1500 and 2100 UTC.

More info. available on our site.