Valhalla Towny
Owner bigcakes42
Status offline
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Version 1.15.2
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Country United Kingdom
Types TownySurvivalEconomy

Hi, I've recently just created a server and opened it for business very recenly and are looking to build a community. I'd like to meet some new Minecraft people to help this community grow and thrive as I believe this server could take off. The only thing missing is a good amount of players.

You start with $10k and a starter kit :)

Its called Valhalla and it's a towny server which boasts some good features to make the game more entertaining such as:

- Blood Moon which means every 5 in game days mobs will become harder to kill but will drop special loot such as minerals or mineral blocks and general items.

-Crazycrates which is a crate plugin has 3 different crates available at spawn which are Rare, Epic and Legendary which are filled with a ton of cool items such as mob spawners, minerals, money etc...and special tools.

-5 donator ranks filled with pets, player trails, decorative heads, awesome bonuses such as money and commands.

- AgressiveMobs which means that if you attack any type of passive mob they will attack you back. If they see any kind of threat they will attack. So be warned.

There are plenty of other plugins installed to make your experience better and will be adding some more over the next few days aswell to keep everyone entertained.